About the site

The Money Debate is run and edited by John Lappin, a journalist with more than a decade’s experience covering financial services.

The aim of the site, as its name suggests, is to foster debate about the financial sector, the businesses within the sector and how those businesses are regulated. It will also discuss  Government policies that affect the industry and its customers as well as considering the service the industry provides to clients and customers. The site is not a news site, but will aim to debate and comment on the news. With luck and the help of its users it will consider some of the big trends affecting different areas of retail financial services including those factors that led to the current crisis.

Initially, the website will take the form of a blog.  It asks all those commenting to refrain from abuse or slander no matter what provocation they feel they have been subjected to. The site will aim for constructive  criticism of the powers that be.

Over the next few weeks and months the site will aim to develop other content and suggestions from users are welcome on john.lappin@themoneydebate.co.uk.