Sorry Mr Jones but clean share prices are surely only the fourth or fifth most important thing for investors

Yesterday the Money Debate received a little press release from Edward Jones which says that clean pricing is probably the most prominent issue in retail fund provision and the hottest topic for retail clients.

Okay, it does says probably, but surely the most important thing happening to investors is what is happening to markets. Perhaps nobody knows, what to do about their bond market exposure if returns look certain to be negative, whether they are diversified adequately including considering that bond issue again, whether their attitude to risk matches what they think they are investing in and, er, well, maybe then clean share classes and transparency.

Still one must say it is fascinating to watch stock brokers make a huge play for the fund market with a very different ways of pricing. There will certainly be a bit of price war. That is great news for the execution only, bargain-hunting veteran investor. However the Money Debate still wonders what it means for the formerly advised, some of whom will now be left on their own. Clean prices? It doesn’t hurt but maybe they’d be better off with it bundled with advice.